Level: 4

Agility: 9
Constitution: 8
Dexterity: 10
Strength: 7
Intelligence: 11
Perception: 7
Will Power: 6

Life Points: 130

Initiative: 80

Armour: Armoured Longcoat +5
Cut: 2
Impact: 1
Thrust: 3
Heat: 2
Electricity: 3
Cold: 3
Energy: 0

Magic Accumulation: 50
Zeon: 470
Magic Projection: 185
Magic Path Levels: Illusion 62 (limited by GM)

Secondary Abilities:
Magical Appraisal: 100
Persuasion: 120
Disguise: 100
Hide: 90
Theft: 130
Stealth: 100
Slight of Hand: 70

Ki Abilities:

  • Use of Ki
  • Use of necessary energy
  • Elimination of Necessities

D’anjayni Abilities:

  • -40 to trackers
  • +30 to resisting supernatural detection
  • Ki concealment (60)
  • Must pass MR check of 100 to remember ‘Pol’

Name: The current party know her as Pol
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Hair: Changes on a regular basis
Eyes: Usually Amber
Height: 5’4"
Weight: 57kg
Race: Human/D’anjayni Nephilim
Home Town: Unknown

‘Pol’ was raised from a young age by a group of street performers. It was from them that she learnt illusion magic, slight of hand and her social abilities as well as a few unsavoury talents. She is rarely recognised as the same person in different towns as her large collection of disguises, and related accessories, combined with her illusion spells allow her to change her appearance on a whim. This is also aided by the abilities given to her by her D’anjayni soul. Pol enjoys playing pranks and confusing people. She often hides her mouth with a scarf or other prop. Pol has many secrets.


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