Cat Ninja


class: shadows

level: 3

Will Power:7


At age 11 one night the weather turned and it became very cold and dark.the wind howled then all of a sudden the Demons warriors attacked my quite and peaceful village, slaying all who dared to enter their path. my father the village elder was the one they came for but to get to him they had to go through the faithful and loyal shadow warriors.
they had weapons that even our skills and training could never defeat. many died and those who remained had fled the scene.

as the Demons leader came to my home with his warriors in pursuit he captured my mother and threatened to slit her throat in front of my father to see if he would give himself over without a fight, however he did not give in and there in the corner of the room my mother lay. no movement. no breath. Dead.

I knew it wouldn’t be long till they came looking for me and my brother-Miyazaki. in the split second i turned my head away from my father he was dead. i knew i would have to protect my brother, i knew i would have to fight!

i stood strong and with the thought of my parents deaths fresh in my mind i fought with all i had but it was not enough, there were too many for just the two of us to take on i had lost my brother, they had stabbed him through his back. i held him while he took his last few breaths. as i clutched his bloodied body, tears poured endlessly down my cheeks. Looking upon my tear stained form the demon warriors turned and one by one left me in the darkness that was now my life and in that one moment I vowed to avenge the fallen.


Warriors Of Gaia Aimee