Ki archer with moral issues


Level: 3

Agility: 10
Constitution: 6
Dexterity: 10
Strength: 9
Intelligence: 5
Perception: 9
Power: 10
Will Power: 6

Life Points: 100

Initiative: 105

Armour: Long Coat
Cut: 1
Impact: 0
Thrust: 2
Heat: 1
Electricity: 2
Cold: 2
Energy: 0

Ki Abilities:

Use Of Ki
Ki Transmission
Ki Healing

Ki Recovery: 2
Quick Reflexes: 2
Martial mastery: 1

Severe Allergy to cows: 1
Addiction to shooting: 1


Name: Kai
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green
Height: 5’11
Weight: 160lbs
Race: Human

Having been an orphan, misfit of a kid, Kai decided as a delinquent eight year old to go to Dwanholf. She quickly attached herself to a bunch of scamming thugs and she proved herself useful with her excellent perception skills and became the watch out whilst the thugs were pulling the jobs. When Kai reached thirteen she joined in her first job and ended up getting caught, instead of punishing her, the old man became her teacher, taking her away from the life of crime. The man taught her to use ki and showed her how to become a ki archer. However due to her very unstable background Kai soon found shooting a very very addicting thing and had to satisfy her need to shoot something everyday or she’d get cranky ( not good for the bystanders). When the old man died Kai felt at a loss and slowly her morals dissolved and she once again started thieving, until she got fed up with the pitiful fights, boring jobs and close calls. Kai decided to move on with her life, that was when she left Dwanholf behind.


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