Warriors Of Gaia

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Previously in Warriors of Gia. The party started by travelling through a small village in albaria on the way to Belfort looking for work, they met Skadi the ranger and travelled with her through the forest for several days easily defeating an ambush by wolves and bandits. Two party members went for a swim whilst attempting to cross a river as the resident illusionist created a pretend bridge, karma is a cruel mistress however as she failed to cross successfully herself and nearly drowned if not for the help of her soggy friends.

They arrived in the City of Belfort and began a search for work which resulted in the party lodging as noble guests in a rich families home, before leaving in a hurry with the help of Tabatha the young lady of the house. Set on a quest of locating missing servants they infiltrated the house of a rich merchant and quickly discovered something more sinister than the slave trade was in effect. Battling guards and undead they fought their way to the master bedroom and confronted Lord Theodoor Rydel before executing him and his necromancer companion. Freeing the remaining slaves/ necromantic experiments they were heralded as heroes by the local servant populace.


If you guys want to record events as your characters that would be pretty cool :)

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