Warriors Of Gaia

Pol's Adventure: New Companions

Had to join a mercenary group recently (blew too much money on my latest disguise). Both the other members are fighters and therefore far too un-subtle for my liking but at least they’ll make good distractions.

Ended up in small Alberian village, nothing really worth my time. Waited for the ranger in the inn where Kai proved that money is not needed to get drinks. Had to meet the ranger early the next morning which wasn’t a problem as I’m usually up and about working before it gets light. I didn’t think the others needed to know they were late.

The forest was boring as there were very few people. Had to find some way to alleviate boredom. Yay for illusionary bridge! The looks on their faces as they fell still make me laugh. Wolves attacked during the night so I hid and let the others enjoy their killing, managed to get the wolves to leave with an illusionary smell.

Karma sucks! At the next river the fighters decided to climb across a rope. It was my turn to fall in a river and I can’t swim. At least Thor has some morals so he didn’t let me drown. There was another fight in a valley, so I hid in a bush and made the bandits scream like little girls as they thought they were covered in spiders, hehe.

The city of Belfort was much more fun. I got to use my favourite disguise (the Duchess of Erat) to get into the rich quarter and got the opportunity to eat great food and sleep in a cosy bed as a guest. Also turned Thor’s hammer invisible, the hilarity was definitely worth nearly getting punched for. Am happy as I now have some new items for my disguise kit and I didn’t even have to spend any of the money I earned.

Thor’s new ‘friend’ talked him into rescuing some slaves or something. I sold Thor and Kai to gain entrance to the house. Thought about leaving them there but decided against it as I may need saving from a river again. Regretting it a little now as it nearly got me killed. On the plus side we’ve acquired a new group member, Mira, who seems to be some sort of ninja or something. She’s occasionally a bit too violent for my liking but I think we will get on fine. Turns out the house is over run by the living dead so I left most of the fighting to the others and took a look around some of the fancier rooms. Glad to be done with that and get paid, also made some useful contacts.

Hopefully our next job we let me use more disguises.


i hate that bridge. :/ lol

Pol's Adventure: New Companions

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