Warriors Of Gaia

Mc Dougal adventure

The mercenaries hear of a potential job relating to two waring clans. the Mac and the Mc Dougals. who are fighting over some items worn by Wallace Mac/Mc Dougal when he faught against the empire. The mercs are hired by one side and sweet talk their way into the opposing camp. where they poison them all with shrooms whilst Kai uses her ‘assets’ as very effective distractions. The group escape from the army camp in the chaos with the set of items and return to the hiring party who present their rewards and an offer of more gold if they help in the coming battle. needless to say the mercs accept the offer joyously and head off to battle in the morn.

The clan cheiftan for the opposing side Mc Dougal is met by the mercs in the field of battle and is promptly slain in less than 3 seconds without so much as a swing of his claymore in their direction (note to self make stronger baddies). The clan still partially halucinating and generally feeling like shit are dismayed at the loss of their leader and break quickly. pol is caught trying to steal the whole set of Wallice artifacts and fails to hide, leading to the party running like buggery in the opposite direction.



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