Warriors Of Gaia

Mage rebellion

The party travelled to a city via flying pirate ship, en route killing a dragon with ghostly cannon balls and the aid of newly (self) appointed pirate lord of the skies Henrietta. (note remember to fight back when controlling a dragon) upon slaying the dragon, gaining some shiny/gooey loot in the process the party soon docked in the city and discovered some strange goings on. Children and animals were going missing, magical doodads were everywhere and there was a general sense of unease. they were hired by Lord Raven of the inquisition to seek out the source of these problems and put a stop to them, during their investigation they were granted tempory immunity from scrutiny they were above the law for the duration, many things were stolen, ahem, aquired for the greater good during this process. long story short the mages of gaia were plotting open rebellion to try and free themselves from the persicution of the church and governments and were going to summon an Aeon to hold the whole city hostage. upon finding this out the party agrees to help. helped lord raven realise mages arent all bad and disuaded the approaching inquisition army from purging the city. as a result mages were granted partial freedom to practice magic provided multiple schools were set up for the purpose of training. magic whilst still frowned upon and feared in most of gaia was no longer illegal and training was available. magic has since become much more prominent in most of western gaia. in the east it is still punishable by death.



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